Change...the Hard Way

Mary Dell
Chicago, Illinois, United States
Interests: (24)
adoption, amputation, analog graphics, anti-racism, aquaria, art, bjd, books, chicago, china, computer graphics, dolls, fantasy, it management, kindle, literature, poetry, race, re-ment, science fiction, solaris, system administration, unix, writing
I'm a woman, a wife, a mother, a writer, an artist, a sysadmin, a manager, a doll collector, a midwesterner, a Chicagoan, a suburbanite, a hoosier, a white person, a gamer, a democrat, a progressive, a science fiction/fantasy fan, an omnivore, an athsmatic, a homeowner, a lapsed catholic, a faculty brat, a sister, a daughter, an aunt. That is not a palindrome.

My toddler son is Chinese-American, and was born with a shortage of digits (missing his left forearm and hand, to be precise) and a surplus of cuteness. I blog about him fairly often. Ours is an open adoption, which in our case means we met his birth parents before he was placed with us and we have ongoing contact with them.

I'm on flickr and librarything with the same username; feel free to look me up.

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